10 Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Magazine-worthy

It’s probably the most personal room in your space; the one you spend the most time in. And yet, it’s often overlooked in terms of design. We’re changing that with easy tips that will elevate the look and feel of your room. Read on for some serious designer-worthy tips you’ll want to try at home (you’re going to want to save this cheat-sheet to chic!).

Go Green

Adding a plant immediately creates energy and imparts a finished look. Plants are also inexpensive and, wellness bonus, help clean the air. Options abound from a showstopper fern to a floor-sitting Ficus tree or a simple row of sweet little succulents – a charming addition to the top of a vanity or dresser.

Greenery White Room

Light Stuff

Lighting is everything in a gorgeous bedroom and the word to remember is “layered.” Go beyond one lighting source with a mix of overhead options, lamps and reading spots if possible. A ceiling light, from a budget-friendly paper shade to a sparkly chandelier, feels upscale and bedside lamps have a cozy glow – both should be on dimmers. Wall- or headboard-mounted lights are a gamechanger for reading in bed.

Pillow Talk

Extra pillows and cushions are so inviting and layer in a boutique-hotel kind of look. Pile them one of top of each other, stand them up in a row or do a bit of both. Think about adding in interesting shapes – smaller or bolster cushions – and have fun with colour, fabric (we love velvet!) and pattern.



Bedside Manner

Bedside tables don’t have to be “bedside tables.” Think about swapping out a utilitarian style with something more unexpected like an antique chair, a stack of books, a floating shelf or even a bar cart. And no matter what you choose, keep clutter to a minimum.

Ground Rules

Having something soft to step onto out of bed is a must. Rugs literally layer in softness and are an effortless way to add some texture, colour and pattern. Consider an area rug beneath the bed or a runner beside the bed. You can even change up styles with the season – think nautical sisal in the spring and rich kilims for fall.

Hard Lessons

Hardware is a creative DIY way to transform existing storage and cabinetry. Existing hardware is often lackluster so why not upgrade what your dresser came with? Crystal knobs have a feminine, sophisticated presence, brass pulls give an elegant finish and matte black signals contemporary. There are countless materials to choose from and all will personalize your space.


Look Up

If your ceiling is white, you may want to rethink that. Painting or wallpapering the bedroom ceiling is a wonderful way to add depth and interest. Opt for soft shades of pink, grey or mauve; go dark and moody with a deep green; or try a printed wallpaper. The takeaway? Ceilings can be showstoppers.

Art Show

Art is dramatic in a bedroom, lending a personalized presence and rich layers. It can be a painting, a travel photograph you’ve enlarged or even a sculpture. Think about display options too: art leaning against the wall can look boho-chic, a gallery wall makes an interesting focal point and a large framed poster captures a cool graphic vibe.

Room With Green wall

Power of One

Adding one showstopper piece can make a bedroom come alive. If space allows, consider a beautiful upholstered chair. Any bed will be invigorated by a new bed frame and styles abound from tactile bouclé upholstery to modern, dark wood. Dressers are also a fresh way to incorporate design oomph: think inlaid shell, mirrored surfaces, hand-painted patterns.

Clean Up

Next-level chic needn’t cost a penny. One of the best and easiest ways to elevate the bedroom is to eliminate unsightly clutter – bye, bye, clothes on the floor; so long, power cords. Clutter can be pretty too if it’s organized: imagine a grouping of fragrance bottles corralled on a tray or books organized in a neat stack. Keeping your space as clean and tidy as possible not only looks good, it has a calming effect.  


All pictures from Pinterest.ca .