Ball Game - Decoding Dryer Balls & Ditching Dryer Sheets

Close up of wool dryer balls

You spoke and we listened!

As a company focused on sustainable and eco-friendly methods, we assumed that everyone, like us, was in on the ball game – the dryer ball game that is. Not so! And we’d like to change that.

Our pure wool dryer balls are an easy and effective alternative to mainstream dryer sheets. Did you know that, as well as being disposable and producing more waste, dryer sheets are commonly treated with toxic ingredients – think endocrine disruptors, known carcinogens and synthetic scents among others.

Our reusable dryer balls, on the other hand, are hand-crafted in Canada from pure felted wool, which naturally absorbs moisture so laundry dries faster with less wrinkles and static. Bonus: they also eliminate the need for fabric-softener so you can use less products. We like to use at least 2 balls for 1 load of bedding (you can also use them to refresh down duvets and jackets, towels, even cloth diapers).

So the next time you shop envello, make sure to add our pure felted wool dryer balls to your order. They are completely natural, unscented and chemical-free, and re-usable for over 100 loads.