Bedside Manners Featuring @biancavenerayan (aka Divine Feminine Worm)

Bianca will do more than add newness to your Namaste. In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, she's a sound healer and a content creator. Quirky, outspoken and intelligent, she has written think pieces about everything from sexuality to sustainability, and while we think of her as a wellness influencer, she opts for the title “Divine Feminine Worm” on her Instagram. You won’t want to miss Bianca’s take on our 15 questions…

What’s your morning ritual?

Every morning once we’re awake yet still rolling around in bed, my partner and I talk about the dreams we remember. When I’m ready (or when our dog Luther starts whining outside the door), I get up, take my vitamins and give Luther his breakfast. A visit to my yoga mat for some short stretching and breathing exercises eases me into a calm and happy state of mind; a cold shower and a green tea kicks me into gear.

Early riser or hit the snooze button?

I definitely alternate with this one! Some mornings I jump out of bed at the crack of dawn; others I draw the curtains and snooze for hours. I suppose it depends what’s on my calendar that day—as a freelancer no day looks like the last.

Coffee or tea?

Two of each, every day, please and thank you.

What’s your favourite breakfast?

Avocado toast with a poached egg.

 Do you make your bed in the morning?

Only when I want to lay out 7 different outfit options, otherwise my partner does it.

What song makes you feel ready to take on the day?

Time (You and I) — Khruangbin

Do you change your sheet style with the seasons?

Chambray for the summer and flannel for the winter!

What’s on your bedside table? 

A SAD therapy lamp, a basal thermometer, the array of books I’m currently jumping between and an obsidian crystal.

Describe your bedroom in five words.

Cozy. Very hard to leave.

Describe yourself in three words.

Changing every day.

How do you exercise your mind?

I love reading books about things I don’t know about, like theoretical physics, DMT and the Black experience. Otherwise, I think meditating is quite the mental exercise, as it’s often a challenge to become an observer of one’s own thoughts.

What’s your favourite way to move your body?
In yoga I love coordinating my breath to a spinal wave such as cat-cow. I also love spin/cycling, pilates and using free weights.

Snacking in bed – okay or no way?

Heck yes.

Shower or bath?

Showers are a daily thing; baths are a treat.

How do you wind down for the night?

The first part of winding myself down is my nighttime skincare routine, which is more about aromatherapy for me than anything. I especially like my skin to smell like rosehip, patchouli or sandalwood. I put my phone away at least half an hour before bedtime and opt for reading a book. Finally, I let my SAD therapy lamp slowly mimic the sunset by fading from yellow-white to orange-red to dark.