Bedside Manners Featuring Raia (@coach.carey) Carey

Raia @Coach Carey lying on light grey envello percale sheets

Raia Carey, aka “Coach Carey,” is an envello favourite (Did you join us for our amazing live morning visualization meditation with her on Instagram?). We are thrilled to partner with Raia because to us she is more than an acclaimed Life Coach and Motivational Speaker; she is a truly empowered woman who knows how to overcome challenges – she lost 300lbs! – and how to inspire others. We love her focus on inner confidence: how so many smart women lack it and how so many of us don’t fully tap into it. She’s perfected a life-changing method to help achieve and maintain confidence and we highly recommend it. In the meantime, don’t miss our fun, fast, 15-question interview with Coach Carey below:

What’s your morning ritual?
My morning routine has gone through many changes over the years. I realized that simplifying and mixing it up is what works best for me. Now on a typical morning, I turn my jazz playlist on, drink some water, stretch and meditate for about 15-20 minutes. For me, this feels like giving my mind/body some time to truly wake up, and gives me a sense of readiness to start my day.
Early-riser or hit the snooze button?
Hahaha, I knew this question was coming up. I am a solid 50/50. Sometimes I love waking up early and getting an added few hours in my day - yet on the flipside I LOVE being cozy and snoozing a little.
Coffee or tea?
Decaf latte every now and then, otherwise ginger lemon tea is my GO TO!
What’s your favourite breakfast?
OH WOW, great question. I love a good egg sammy with some avocado and tomato. I also really enjoy yogurt and berries with a lil DRIZZLE of honey (the honey is a game-changer).
Do you make your bed in the morning?
YES! Honestly I did not get into that habit until my mid 20s. Now it’s an absolute must for me.
What song makes you feel ready to take on the day?
To be completely honest, I always have jazz on lightly in the background once I hit snooze to ensure I don’t fall back into a DEEP DEEP sleep LOL! I’m happy to share my playlist with everyone :)
Do you change your sheet style with the seasons?
Hmmm, not really, but I do love flannel-sheet-cozy vibes in the winter.
What’s on your bedside table?
LOL this is good. Okay, on one table: a picture frame, Saje essential oils, phone and AirPods charger; on the other side I have my Himalayan Salt lamp, and my palo santo.
Describe your bedroom in five words.
Cozy, Organized, Blue, Hybrid, GOODVIBES
Describe yourself in three words.
Energy, Positive, Supportive
How do you exercise your mind?
I love playing any kind of board game that makes me think. Recently I’ve become obsessed with checkers and chess. I love the strategy and how much it makes you think of every possible move. ANYONE WANT TO PLAY WITH ME?
What’s your favourite way to move your body?
Hands-down SWIMMING!!! I have always loved swimming. It has helped me so much with my weight loss, especially when I was 600lbs because it’s low-impact.
Snacking in bed – okay or no way?
HARD NO!!!! (but like maybe once or twice).
Shower or bath?
Mostly shower, and every so often bath!
How do you wind down for the night?
When I get home, I love to take a hot shower and change into my cozy wear. Then typically listen to music and make dinner. Then, sometimes I’ll get back to any important emails that I couldn’t get to during the day. Then read, stretch, watch a show, and ideally be asleep by 11pm.