5 Ways to Get A Good Morning! Guest Room

Beautiful guest room with premium quality bedding and a straw hat on the bed

We know, better than most, that a guest-room should be more than just a place to sleep. We’ve highlighted our five favourite ways to kit out a room and treat overnighters to a dreamy experience. Be warned though, with thoughtful touches like these, guests may want to stay longer than just one night…

 1. Less is More
A guest room isn’t a place to experiment with new paint techniques and it’s not a storage area for out-of-season items. Keep it simple, light and as spacious as possible so guests feel welcome and happy to make it their own.

2. Table Manners
A bedside table with a reading light is a must. It becomes especially appealing when detailed with a carafe of water and water glass, fresh flowers (even just one simple bloom – we love adding a short-stem rose to a Moroccan tea glass) and some magazines. Note: there should still be space for the guest’s watch, phone and other small belongings.
3. Stay Connected
Be sure to write down the house wi-fi password so guests don’t have to ask – you can have fun with this using calligraphy or jotting it down in a pretty card (one savvy host we know provides it in a fortune cookie!). Also, have an extra charger on hand just in case they forgot to pack one.
4. Little Extras
Forgetting your toothbrush is never fun. Have a dedicated toiletries basket on hand that includes extra toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, conditioner, dental floss – whatever you think a guest might need. Mini versions are fine but we like to offer full-size ones – they just seem more welcoming and generous.
5. Bedding Upgrades
Invest in quality bedding that will ensure guests wake up happy. We always place an extra throw on the bed for layered warmth and, for our signature treat, we provide a guest robe (think about it, no one ever travels with a robe). Fold it neatly and place it in front of the pillow for a luxurious effect that invites guests to relax and feel at home, which really is the point.