How to Conquer Your Linen Cupboard

Do You Know How to Organize Your Bedding and Towels?

If you wrestle with folding fitted sheets, if your towels hang over your shelves, if your linen cupboard needs Kondo-ing, you need to read this…

Illustrated guide showing how to fold a fitted sheet

The goal here is to have a nice, neat finished product that resembles a box – not a ball! – with no edges showing.

  1. First step: lay the sheet face down on the floor.
  2. This step is the game-changer: Turn the top and bottom right corners inside-out and tuck them into the top and bottom left corners. At this point the sheet should look like a rough semi-circle.
  3. Now take the left side and fold it in halfway, then take the right side and do the same. It should now look like a long rectangle.
  4. Fold the bottom up to fit the size of your shelf (a bit for a shallow shelf, a bit more for a deeper shelf). Fold the top in the same way. Repeat these folds one or two times until the folds almost meet – but leave a gap.
  5. Final step: fold bottom bundle over top for a compact, no-edges-showing fold.

illustration of bedding being slipped inside a pillowcase

Extra care: If you’re willing to iron all your sheets on a low-setting after drying them, they will stay wrinkle-free even when stacked in storage.

Illustrated guide showing how to fold a towel

The goal here is to have towels neatly folded in a uniform way for easy stacking and storage.

  1. Lay the towel flat with the tag side up.
  2. Fold the left side in a bit more than halfway.
  3. Fold the right side over to the far left.
  4. Flip the bottom in a bit to fit your shelf size (like we did with the fitted sheet above). Flip the top in the same way. Repeat twice leaving a gap between the top and bottom folds.
  5. Fold over for a perfectly neat and clean look (note: if the fold doesn’t look right, try again, this time leaving a wider gap between the top and bottom folds before the final fold over).

How to Store Your Bedding and Towels

Now that you know how to perfectly fold your sheets and towels, make sure that your storage space is worthy of these tidy beauties.

  • Donate or repurpose old towels and sheets that you’re no longer using.
  • Only store clean sheets and towels.
  • If you have shelves, line them with a pretty paper for a cheery effect that’s also protective (some wood can stain sheets after a while).
  • If you don’t have a linen closet, use baskets, bins or boxes for organized storage. Add labels to each for super sorting.
  • When space is at a premium, consider fabric bags or pouches that can be stored beneath the bed. Avoid plastic ones, which can discolour sheets. We like to use our envello pouches and even pillow cases.
  • Designate an organizational system, whether its by colour, fabric, type or size – even by room category (some like to keep guest towels and sheets separated from more frequently used personal items).
  • Think of this area as more than storage space – add cedar blocks, lavender sachets or scented liners for fresh scents that help repel moths (ensure that they aren’t colour-transferable).