It's All Good: At Home Wellness

Woman sitting on couch

As the good morning! linen company, we are constantly seeking out ways to feel energized and healthy. The arrival of spring, especially, inspires us to embrace fresh approaches to wellness in the most important setting of all: our homes. We’ve compiled an edit (from easy additions to thoughtful investments) that we hope will inspire, delight and have positive, mood-lifting effects for spring and beyond....

 Indoor Trees

This is one of our favourite ways to perk up a place. Indoor trees are not only mood-lifting, they also clean the air – really! A 1989 study by NASA documented how plants take common household chemicals, like off-gassed formaldehyde and benzene, out of the air. Any planted tree works, but we like the lushness of Fiddle Leaf Figs – they look designer-cool, require little water and can live for up to 50 years.

Indoor Plant

Infrared Mats

Detox while watching TV? Sounds good to us. These ingenious mats offer infrared heat through pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEFT). Different levels of magnetic wavelengths deliver effects from relaxing to energizing. They are ideal after a workout or to help ease general aches, pain and tightness. You can even use them just to relax and calm the mind. Our favourite part? Most people sleep sounder and longer after using one.

At-Home Pilates

Pilates, that purveyor of perfect posture and fluid flexibility, isn’t easy to come by at home – until now. Frame from Frame Fitness is the game-changing, digitally-connected Pilates reformer that’s upending traditional at-home workout equipment. Its sleek design looks great anywhere (it’s portable and foldable for easy vertical storage). It transforms workouts, regardless of height, weight or body type, and offers convenient access to hundreds of on-demand and live classes. It’s definitely an investment, but one that keeps giving.

Frame Pilates Reformer

Scent Scaping

This sort of new trend is also called “fragrance-zoning.” It basically divides a living space up by using different scents – we prefer fragrance derived solely from pure essential oils. Some to try: peppermint in your workout space for improved performance, lemon in the home office to stimulate energy and increase focus and lavender in the bedroom for a relaxing sleep.