Morning Intentions Featuring envello Founder Sheryn Saab

Intentions, Not Resolutions

Envello Founder Sheryn Saab is passionate about personal wellbeing and realistic about wellness goals. “Too often, especially at the beginning of a new year, we place heavy expectations on ourselves that aren’t sustainable,” she says. “I much prefer daily intentions over sweeping resolutions – little things I can do every day that have big results.” We asked Sheryn to share her top six positive intentions and the beneficial effects they have throughout the day.


Before I get out of bed, I lay awake and concentrate on breathing deeply. It makes such a big difference, and is more peaceful than just bounding out of bed straight away.

Make the Bed

It’s the first small success and accomplishment of my day. Plus, there’s nothing better than returning to an organized bed after a long, busy day. For me, it’s all about stretching the duvet and fluffing up the pillows. I’m currently using our blush linen and love its wrinkled, “undone” look.


By just taking five minutes every morning to write down positive thoughts, I’m more mindful and present in my daily tasks. Plus, every page of "The Five Minute Journal” has an inspiring quote or a weekly challenge that helps maintain a grateful mindset. 


It’s an hour I dedicate to myself, to keep me active, healthy and focused. I prefer a weight-training session or a good boxing workout to wake me up.

 Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Putting rich nutrients in the body gives me the fuel and energy to start my day on the right foot. My go-to is a detox green juice (celery, apple, cucumber, lime), along with scrambled eggs and a Colombian “arepa.”

 Shower and Skincare

Following a daily routine gives me a sense of stability and nurturing for the day. I like to take a hot shower and then do my skincare routine. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable for me!