Our Savvy Spring Cleaning Guide

Washing Hands

We’re going beyond the expected! In this inspired guide, we’re tackling everything from often overlooked items, like mattresses and makeup brushes, to the inside of the fridge. Plus, we reveal two new plant-based, all-natural ways to get yourself and your home squeaky clean and green. 

We’re all pretty familiar with the usual cleaning drill – vacuum, dust, wipe and polish – so we’re digging a little deeper…

Mattress Matters

As the good morning linen company, we’re starting where the day begins: in bed. Most of us are diligent about washing our bedding, usually at least once a week, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? It’s actually pretty easy to do. After stripping the bed, get out the vacuum. Use the attachment to remove dust from all surfaces and seams. Spot clean any stains using small amounts of your favourite stain-remover (note: memory foam isn’t meant to get wet) then sprinkle the mattress with baking soda, which breaks down odors and will absorb any excess moisture. Vacuum again, flip the mattress and you’re ready to make the bed.

Refreshed Reusables

Reusable shopping bags are a worthy everyday accessory that deserve a little extra care. Pick a day of the week (we like Sundays) to pay attention to these hard-workers. Most are machine-washable, and all can be soaked and washed in the sink. Hang to dry for best results.

Cold Comfort

Fridges are a pretty good barometer of household cleanliness. It’s always good to wipe down the inside of the fridge on a regular basis, but for spring cleaning, it’s time to take out everything that can removed (shelves, drawers) for a wash in warm, soapy water. This is also a great opportunity to check expiry dates and clean individual items before putting them back in – no more gloopy lids or sticky bottles.

Fruits in Fridge

Strokes of Genius

Makeup brushes get oily with use and can harbour bacteria. As with reusable bags, it’s a good idea to dedicate a day a week (Sunday night?) to clean these beauty essentials. Gentle soap is best and you can use a drop of liquid soap in your hand or bar soap. Rub the bristles into the soap under warm running water until the water runs clear. Shake off excess water (never squeeze) and lay brushes on a clean, dry cloth to air dry. 

Pillow Talk

Pillows can house a host of irritants from dust mite droppings to dead skin, and should be cleaned regularly. The good news is that most pillows (other than foam ones) are machine washable – just read the label to make sure. We like to wash ours every time the seasons change (4 times a year) and protect them with a pillow cover.



 The Right Stuff

We always gravitate to natural products for cleaning so were drawn to Guests on Earth, a new, small company whose mission is “to elevate home care into self-care.” We love the All-Purpose Cleaner, a plant- and mineral-based formulation that comes in a reusable aluminium spray bottle with two refill vials in a choice of two natural fragrances.

Self Cleaning

Spring cleaning should extend beyond the home. One of our latest discoveries is Telford, a made-in-Canada collection of plant-based personal care for skin and hair. We love how gentle and effective these formulations are and, bonus, they smell naturally divine (think bergamot, lavender, rosemary and more) and look great too.

Telford Basics