Our Top Picks for August

August is finally here, and you know what that means – it's the perfect time to refresh your home with cozy, high-quality essentials that will add both comfort and style to your spaces. We have put together a fantastic selection of must-haves for this month. 

Product Highlights:

When it comes to creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in your home, Envello's Stonewashed Linen collection is a game-changer. Made from 100% pure European flax, this fabric is naturally soft and also highly breathable, making it perfect for all seasons. But what sets it apart is the stone washing process, which gives the linen a uniquely textured and lived-in look. You'll fall in love with the subtle rustic charm it adds to your home décor.

Stonewashed Linen Bedding:

Imagine sinking into a cloud of softness as you dive into your bed adorned with stonewashed linen sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. The soothing colors and comforting texture will turn your bedroom into a haven of relaxation.

Complete Comfort Package: The Stone-Washed Linen Bed Bundle is thoughtfully curated to meet all your bedding needs. Each set includes a fitted sheet with deep pockets, generously sized pillowcases with envelope closures, and a luxurious duvet cover that envelops your comforter in unmatched softness. Experience the convenience of a complete bedding package that transforms your bed into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Base Towel Bundle:

The Base Towel Bundle is a must-have addition to your bathroom essentials. Crafted from premium Turkish cotton, these towels are exceptionally soft, absorbent, and quick-drying, making them perfect for everyday use.

  • Luxuriously Soft Bath Towels: Pamper yourself with the plush softness of the Base Bath Towels. Their generous size and superior absorbency make them perfect for wrapping yourself in after a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath.
  • Versatile Hand Towels: The Base Hand Towels are a practical and stylish addition to your bathroom. Their compact size makes them ideal for everyday use, while their premium quality ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Soft and Absorbent Washcloths: The Base Washcloths complete the set, offering a gentle touch for your face and body. Their ultra-soft texture and excellent absorbency make them a daily necessity.

And there you have it! August is all about unwinding, indulging, and sprucing up your living space. With our Stonewashed Linen collection and Base Towel Bundle, you're not just adding elegance to your home, but also wrapping yourself in luxury and comfort. So, go ahead, and dive into self-care and style this month. You deserve it!