Own Your Energy: Elena's Club x envello

Elena's Club logo and workshop Zoom attendees

 Strengthening our personal energy can positively impact our lives, and the more awareness we have around our personal energy and how we can own it, the more power we have over our reality.

Taylor Aplas - Founder of Elevate and Expand

That’s what envello and a group of amazing women recently learned from Taylor Aplas, Founder of Elevate and Expand who recently led Elena's Club’s home school course EC LIFESTYLE: OWN YOUR ENERGY.

Envello loves partnering with amazing groups who share our passion for the link between physical and mental wellness.  That’s why all of us were so excited to sponsor this event! This was such a great session, we wanted to share a few key workshop takeaways with you.


According to Taylor, there are four different types of energy that make up an individual:

PHYSICAL ENERGY – energy that relates to your physical body and the amount of energy you have to engage with the world.  The amount of physical energy you have is dependent on three things you can control: diet, rest, and exercise.  Example: The energy boost you feel from a cup of coffee.

MENTAL ENERGY - is all about your thoughts, and the influence your internal mind has on your external world, your reality. Mind and matter are intimately connected – your observation of your personal reality has an effect on your body, genes, and overall health. Three tools you can use to strengthen your mental energy are awareness, presence, and gratitude. Example: The excitement and energy you feel when you learn something new.

EMOTIONAL ENERGY -  includes the energy you carry from the emotions you are experiencing. Emotions have energy, too. It’s important to feel our emotions, and acknowledge the learning in every emotion we experience. It’s hard to create a new reality if you’re holding onto or carrying emotions from your past. Remember to name your emotions, allow yourself to feel them, and ask yourself how you can release that energy. Example: The positive vibes you experience after a good laugh.

SPIRITUAL ENERGY -  is built through you reaching for the highest, truest expression of yourself. Defining your values – what deeply matters to you – and exemplifying these in your daily life is critically important to fueling your spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is also built through being involved in something greater than yourself (through community, volunteering, work, or another avenue). Example: The emptiness you feel working at a job that doesn’t align with your values.

We loved the key message that building awareness of our personal energy and how to strengthen it, is a tool we can use to influence our reality, and manifest our deepest desires!