Q and A with envello Founder Sheryn Saab

envello Founder Sheryn Saab recently had a virtual chat with Toronto-based style writer Christy Wright, opening up about her vision for the good morning! linen company, why sleep is so important to our well-being and so much more (you won’t want to miss her words of wisdom on thread counts!).

You come by your passion for bedding honestly – tell us a bit about your background.
I’m the third generation in my family to be involved in the home textile business.  My grandfather was a manufacturer for over 30 years and exported to over 20 countries. My parents have been both linen importers and exporters, and currently own and operate three retail bedding and bath stores in Colombia that continue to expand throughout the region.

I think my family has been successful because of our passion for linens and our business approach. Our philosophy is, “make a living, not a killing.”

I love that, especially since shopping for sheets can be pretty pricey.

Exactly! A couple of years ago, I was in the process of moving to Canada to start a new business. I knew I wanted to do something wellness-related and I was researching a few options. Interestingly enough, bedding and linens were not at the top of my list. But that changed the day I went shopping for sheets.


I kid you not. I first went to a very popular, high-end housewares store in Toronto to buy sheets and I was shocked by the prices people were paying for good quality linens; upwards of $600 for a complete king-size sheet set! That’s very prohibitive to say the least.

It does seem like there are two extremes for bedding – high or low.

I found that out when I next visited some big-box and department stores, where sheets range, on average, from $50-$100. I bought a fitted sheet because I needed one, but I walked away feeling very indifferent about my purchase. The experience was awful: you have huge fluorescent lighting shining in your face, plastic everywhere and no one there to help who is really knowledgeable about linen. I realized that, knowing what I know about the industry, there was an opportunity to carve out a niche.

And that was the inspiration for envello?

That was it! I wanted to make quality bedding at a fairer price so it was accessible to more people. And I also liked that bedding still taps into the world of wellness. I strongly believe that falling asleep and waking up in a space you love can be incredibly empowering. People don’t often realize that having a bed and a bedroom that makes you happy and generates positive emotion, in turn has huge effects on your mood. I want people to love waking up and getting out of bed because they’ve had an amazing sleep.

How does that feel-good factor translate to envello the brand?

My team and I created products that I think tick all the important boxes. Firstly, the bedding, duvets and robes offer high-quality at a fair price. Secondly, they’re made in Portugal with a conscience. They are Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and OEKO-Tex certified, which means that every part of them, right down to the threads and buttons, has been certified chemical-free and safe for us and the planet. They’re ISO certified to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions. We’re also committed to sustainability: our linens are placed in a re-usable cotton bag – no plastic – and all of our shipping packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard.

On a style note, I have to say your colour options are delicious. I love the moody, Euro greys.

I love to hear that! My team and I wanted to make sure we had something in the mix for everyone. We have classic colours and prints so customers can mix and match, and we also have warm, bright tones that evoke that lively morning feeling. I made sure the design made sense with practical touches like “Top/Bottom” tags for the fitted sheets (this makes making the bed even easier), the envelope closure on the pillow cases and the packaging which is reusable cotton drawstring bags.

Given how particular you are, do you have any bedding pet peeves?

False thread counts! This is the one metric people cling to and where (unsurprisingly) there is the most misinformation. If you’re in the market to buy new sheets, the sweet spot is usually a count between 200 and 500 – never 1000! Other equally important factors are the provenance of the cotton, the manufacturing of the sheets and the strength of the yarn. I devote a whole section to this on our website and it’s a must-read if you ever plan on buying sheets again.

What would you say to those who haven’t experienced envello yet?

That we are more than just bedding. We have a fun Instagram feed @envello_linens with interactive content, giveaways, contests and more! I want to make bedding and wellness a bit more fun, without forgetting the data that shows people who sleep better are generally more satisfied with their lives. I’ve made a deliberate decision to offer bedding that’s guaranteed to be of premium quality, yet still priced affordably enough so that more people can have access to a great night’s sleep, which is, especially now, one of the greatest commodities in the world.