Sateen NOT Satin! It's All About The Weave

As we launch our new Cotton Sateen styles and colours (in the creamiest shade of latte and the most serene cloud grey), we thought we’d share not only our love of sateen, but what it actually is.

In a word: weave.

That’s right – the term sateen does not refer to the material, rather to the weave of the fabric.

Not to get too technical, but the signature softness of sateen is the result of the way the yarn is woven using the four yarns over, and one yarn under method. Regular weaves use the one over, one under structure. It’s the four over, one under method of weaving that defines sateen.

Regular Weave vs. Sateen Weave

Here’s where the mix-up happens. Since sateen sounds like satin, they’re often compared and confused even though they’re actually made of different fibres. A helpful point of difference to keep in mind is that sateen has cotton as its underlying base, whereas satin can be made from silk, rayon and polyester.

While satin might be exulted as the pinnacle of luxury, we’re firmly on team sateen. Cotton sateen is far more durable than satin, longer lasting and much more budget-friendly.

As hardworking as cotton sateen is, it’s still soft to the touch and offers a silky finish. It has a luxurious feel and its light sheen also makes it less prone to wrinkling. It’s also suitable year-round for a comfy sleep, something that we take very seriously.

How about you? Are you on team sateen?