Traditional Victoria Day Activities

Victoria Day is a Canadian holiday that falls on the Monday before May 25th each year. It is celebrated in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday and marks the unofficial start of summer. This day is traditionally celebrated with a variety of activities that bring people together and celebrate the history and culture of the region. Here are some of the traditional Victoria Day activities in Ontario and/or Toronto that you can enjoy:


Fireworks Displays

One of the most popular Victoria Day traditions is a fireworks display. People gather at various locations across the city to watch the stunning fireworks show, which typically takes place after sunset. The most popular fireworks display in Toronto takes place at Ashbridges Bay Park, which attracts thousands of people each year.

Date & Time: May 23, 2023 Victoria Day Monday | Dusk ~ 10:00 PM
Where: beach at Ashbridges Bay.
Address: 1561 Lakeshore Boulevard East, Toronto

Family Picnics & Barbeques

Victoria Day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends, and many people celebrate the day by having picnics or barbecues in the park or at home. People enjoy delicious food and drinks while enjoying the beautiful weather and spending quality time together.


Cottage Getaways

Many people take advantage of the long weekend to escape the city and head to their cottages. This is a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy the natural beauty of Ontario's cottage country. People enjoy swimming, boating, hiking, and campfires, making it a perfect way to celebrate Victoria Day.

Outdoor Activities

Since Victoria Day marks the start of summer, people take advantage of the warm weather to participate in outdoor activities. These include hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and kayaking. Ontario and Toronto have several beautiful parks and outdoor spaces where people can enjoy these activities, such as Algonquin Provincial Park, Niagara Falls, and Lake Ontario.


Victoria Day also marks the unofficial start of gardening season in Ontario and Toronto. Many people choose to spend the day planting flowers and vegetables, sprucing up their gardens for the summer months ahead.

 Victoria Day

Victoria Day is a time for celebration, reflection, and togetherness. It is a reminder of the importance of cultural traditions and the role they play in shaping our communities. So, whether you prefer to mark the day by watching fireworks, organizing a picnic with loved ones, or embarking on a camping expedition, Victoria Day presents a wonderful chance to embrace the summertime vibe and relish the diverse attractions of the city.