What's Your Sheet Personality?

Crisp white bed sheets and a white frame picture window

From body temperature and texture to wrinkles and weaves, we’re breaking down the qualities of our sheets so you can choose the ones most suited to your needs.

Cool Character

If you crave a cooler sleep, our Premium Percale is a perfect option. Crisp, lightweight and breathable, it’s made using a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave. This fabrication ensures a smooth, almost matte, finish that is extremely durable (It starts out quite crisp, gets softer with each wash and also doesn't pill over time). The takeaway: it’s made for warmer sleepers who like crisp sheets.

Versatile Charm

As its name suggests, our luxurious Select Sateen is reminiscent of high-end satin. It has a tightly woven finish that is the result of the one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave. The fabrication has a silky feel that is slightly heavier than percale. The takeaway: it’s made for sleepers who demand super soft sheets and cool, year-round comfort.

Casual Warmth

Made from eco-heather cotton that incorporates upcycled threads, our Cozy Flannel is virtually wrinkle-proof thanks to its soft, brushed texture that traps warmth and holds it close to your body. Our tighter weave and heavier touch offer remarkable insulating qualities. The takeaway: it’s made for cold sleepers.

Soft Touch

If you crave cool comfort, our Traditional Chambray is a smart choice and a summer best-seller. White still technically a Percale, in this tighter weave, the warp has a signature white undertone; lapped over the weft strands in an alternating pattern. It creates a fine, smooth finish with an almost white-washed effect. The takeaway: it’s perfect for warmer sleepers who like crisp, yet casual sheets.