10 Ways to Reinvigorate your Bedroom & Bath

At envello, we never stop thinking about what’s next, especially when it comes to one of our favourite topics: home décor.

Spending time at home has become more important over the past few years, which is why we’re so happy to embrace many of the exciting trends out there – some are channelling a classic vibe, others are a bit more directional and all of them are inspirational. And if you love colour, you’re going to be spoiled for choice. Here are the top 10 trends we’re loving right now…

Green Room

Go Green

Green is having a moment for many reasons, not least because of its soothing appeal. Paint experts have declared it the top paint colour of the year (we love Benjamin Moore’s October Mist) and painting bedroom walls green creates a calming effect. If you dare, try “colour drenching,” a neat technique that extends the wall paint colour to all the trim and baseboards. If you aren’t ready to go green entirely, try our percale in Sage, a super easy way to add some colour.

More Colour

The colour trend continues with two more dynamic hues: blue and coral. Both are appealing but for different reasons. Blue is fresh, yet calming while coral is warm and soothing (that’s why we opted to develop shades of our own, even before they were trendsetting). Each can be easily incorporated in the bathroom and bedroom. Painting walls blue or coral works in both spaces or sneak in the sleep-friendly hues with accessories such as light blue bath towels or blue or coral bedding.

Dottie Blue Bedroom

Feel Good

Layering in texture is a huge trend, especially in bedrooms where it creates a rich effect – it translates nicely to bathrooms too, think woven storage containers and a mix of cotton and linen towels. Get the look in the bedroom with a textured duvet cover, nubby blanket or some pretty cushions – we like a mix of shapes and sizes and a bolster cushion always looks chic. 

Between the Lines

The classic stripe is having a runway moment that is carrying over to home furnishings. There’s something cheery about stripes whether in wallpaper, roman blinds, towels or bedding. If you’re a maximalist, consider layering in more than one accent of stripes for a dramatic effect.

Mix and Match

Vibrant eclecticism is replacing uniform sets and prescribed notions – who says bedside tables have to match? Mixing up furniture styles, colours and materials creates a curated look that extends to bedrooms and bathrooms. While we have a soft spot for the all-white look, there is something so cool about different shades of bedding (“pink pillow shams, meet navy sheets”).

Linen Bedroom

So Sustainable

Given the envello ethos, you can imagine how pleased we are with this trend. It extends beyond our sustainable bedding and bath to decorative items, like a cool vintage bedside lamp or a repurposed piece of furniture – yes, an old chair can be a bedside table. Buying better and consuming less is a trend that not only feels good, but looks good too.

Furniture Fun

A bedroom can be more than just a bed and some side tables. There’s a new way of decorating that takes items usually found in principal rooms, things like a bookcase or a reading chair, and puts them in the bedroom or bathroom for great effect. These pieces add interest, personalize a space and make a room feel more welcoming, even finished.

Luxurious Details

Even if you’re impervious to décor trends, there’s no denying the appeal of nice accessories. A sumptuous robe to cocoon in after a bath, piles of fluffy towels and properly fitted, quality sheets are everyday delights. As summer ends, it’s a good time to take stock of these items and update where necessary.


Headboards Ahead

You know that minimal “modern scandi” look that captured the design world, well, it’s being overtaken by something we haven’t seen in ages: statement headboards. Maybe it’s because of the popularity boutique hotels, but more and more residential bedrooms are channeling the look of big, bold headboards in interesting shapes, patterns and colours. They instantly transform a space and can be an inexpensive way to add design oomph.

Curves Ahead

Soften up your bedroom and bathroom with some curvy lines. Furniture, cushions, pendant lights – even headboards – are all boasting curves and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Even adding just one rounded element to a space can tap into this look nicely.