8 Ways to A Healthier Bedroom

A bedroom that gets good morning! results relies just as much on what you have in it as what you don’t.

Diffuser on white pine table with glass jar of fresh flowers and bed in background

1. Sheets
Good-quality sheets are something that everyone appreciates, but did you know the type of weave you choose can be a game-changer? If you crave a cooler sleep, opt for lightweight Percale or Chambray. Like a warmer sleep? Look for Sateen or Flannel.

2. Blackout Blinds
These are an investment worth making. Exposure to light stimulates the mind, making you feel alert, while a lack of light tells the body it’s time to rest. Studies show that melatonin, sometimes called the “sleep or darkness hormone,” increases in the dark and sends signals to the brain that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep.
If blinds aren’t in your budget, try the wallet-friendly alternative of a simple eye mask.

3. White Noise
A must for light sleepers, these noise-blocking machines offer consistent sound that masks sudden noises so falling asleep is easier and staying asleep is possible. Think about it – you can still hear while you’re sleeping.
Bonus: most phones have free white noise apps or you can use a house fan for a similar effect.

4. Humidifier
Dry air can be irritating and even cause snoring. Humidifiers add moisture to create a cool and calm environment, and banish the dry air that can cause scratchy throats. Many also have diffusers for soothing essential oils. Don’t want to invest in a humidifier? Fill pretty glass or vintage bowls with water and dot them around your space.

5. Calming Colours 
You might immediately think something very pale, like white or beige, but studies have shown that blue is the winner for sleep-inducing palettes. Runners-up include silver (for its similarity to moonlight) and pink for its relaxing qualities. The one to avoid at all costs: red! It stimulates the pulse which isn’t good for relaxing.

6. No Screens
TVs, tablets and cell phones emit blue light which hampers the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Refrain from any screen facetime for at least an hour before bed if possible.

7. Grab a Book
Reading is a great way to unwind and let the brain relax before you nod off – just make sure you read an actual book and not a screen.

8. A Great Robe
It sounds simple, but a nice robe can elevate your mood and sleeping habits. It feels really special and makes any bedroom seem like a fabulous hotel.