8 Ways to Cool Down Your Bedroom

Woman with fan on her face

It’s a fact: a cool bedroom will help you fall and stay asleep. In fact, our body temperature naturally lowers slightly at night letting us know it’s time for bed, so going to sleep is intrinsically connected to a cooler body temperature. Here are some of our favourite ways to start (and maintain) your cool so you can wake up feeling swell – not sweaty.

    1. Shower or Bathe: Before we look at actual accessories that help keep a room cool, let’s start with you. A warm shower or bath lowers the body’s core temperature, so when you get out, your body starts to cool down immediately. Bonus: it’s relaxing so good for falling asleep.
      1. Blinds: Keep all bedroom window coverings shut during hot days to prevent the daytime sun from raising the temp. This may sound obvious, but think about it: one of the first things we do when we get up in the morning is open the curtains and go. It’s a nice way to start the day – just remember to close them again on hot day before you leave.
      1. Air Circulators: To ensure your room stays cool – not cold – use a fan or, if you have one, an air conditioner. Position fans across from a window for a cross breeze that pushes hot air out. Set air conditioners to the ideal temperature for sleeping, which is anywhere between 15.6 and 19.4°C. If you have a ceiling fan, adjust it to move counter clockwise so it pulls hot air up and circulates cool air below.
      Woman hydrating herself with water
      1. Cooling Mattresses: Consider upgrading to a cooling mattress which is made with breathable components that help improve air flow. Options abound but key factors include memory foam that doesn’t retain heat, pocketed coils that encourage breathability and cool-touch Tencel covers.
      1. New Pillows: Many are aware of the new breed of cooling mattresses, but did you know this technology also extends to pillows? Shop for ones specifically designed to regulate temperatures (many contain foam for optimal air flow).
      1. Damp Sheets: Follow the lead of ancient Egyptians who used to soak their bedding in cold water before retiring. Instead of soaking them though, aim for a slightly damp effect, either by spritzing them with cool water or using them right after the spin cycle.
      1. Hot Water Bottle: Given the name, this handy accessory is thought of as solely a winter warmer, but it is easy to change up for summer cooling. Put one in the freezer to create a sleep-friendly cooling pack.
      1. Bedding: Temper hot summer nights with lightweight bedding that encourages a deep sleep. Linen is renowned for its wide-weave breathability and cooling effect. Percale is another great option as its all-natural cotton fabrication and exceptionally airy weave are ideal for hot sleepers.