Bedside Manners Featuring Megan (@theblushhome) McLeod

If you love Instagram, you’ll love Megan. Frustrated at the lack of available edits for photos and the exorbitant costs of many photo filters out there, this dynamo set about creating her own. Her vision and passion were the force behind “The Blush Home,” a series of affordable lightroom presets she devised to make editing and improving pictures a breeze – think before-and-after transformations that pop. Megan’s fave preset is “Blushing” and we’ve fallen for “Airy.” We also like to connect with Megan for her fab design tips, DIY projects and recipes. Here, she answers our fun 15…

What’s your morning ritual?

My kids are early risers so I’m up with sun! I always start the day with a cup of coffee, and while that’s brewing I make my kids breakfast so they’re settled, then I can drink my coffee and relax. I like to diffuse something fresh and bright in the mornings (lemon and peppermint are my favourite) while doing breakfast clean up, and since our mornings have been so slow this year, we tend to take our time with them. We play games and work on some crafts before getting dressed.

Early riser or hit the snooze button?

If I had the choice I would forever hit the snooze button. I’ve never been a morning person.

Bed with bone and grey pillowcases

Coffee or tea?

I enjoy both but I drink a cup of coffee every morning and can’t do without it LOL.

What’s your favourite breakfast?

I love a green smoothie and cheesy scrambled eggs on toast.

Do you make your bed in the morning?

Always! Even as a child I made the bed in the morning!

What song makes you feel ready to take on the day?

It totally depends on the day! I love so many genres of music, but if I’m with the kids and we’re getting ready for the day, I love to put on dance music - something with a beat we can jump around to and be silly.

Do you change your sheet style with the seasons?

I do! Currently we have envello’s percale sheets set and duvet cover which is perfectly light and crisp, we love it! For fall/winter I tend to add in a heavier quilt alongside our duvet and switch the sheets out to something warmer like a flannel and use our cozy chunky knit throw. I’ll swap out the throw pillows for something a little moodier in the colder seasons too.

What’s on your bedside table? 

A scrunchie, water bottle, my phone charger, a selenite crystal and a book.

Bed with envello bedding, bedside table and plant

Describe your bedroom in five words.

Cozy, minimal, inviting, calm space.

Describe yourself in three words.

Always rearranging furniture ;)

How do you exercise your mind?

I love researching historical facts as well as learning about space. It completely fascinates me and I end up knowing the most obscure things about random topics that never come up in conversation LOL.

What’s your favourite way to move your body?

I love going for walks with the kids. In the summer I’d say, playing on the beach and swimming with them.

Snacking in bed – okay or no way?

No way! I loathe crumbs in the bed.

Shower or bath?

Baths. I love them!

How do you wind down for the night?

I enjoy having a bath at the end of the night. I add bubbles and bath salts to the tub, light a candle and pop a show on Netflix on my laptop to watch.