Get to Know Jacquard

Dottie Duvet and Sham Set

Jacquard is pretty cool. It’s got some history behind it (its namesake loom was invented in the early 1800s by a French weaver named Joseph Marie Jacquard) and it’s been used for everything from ribbons and upholstery to luxurious jackets and dresses (Princess Diana was a fan).

But we love, love, love it for bedding.

Why? Well, as usual, we use only 100% cotton percale to make our jacquard, but it’s the woven textured finish that is jacquard’s universal point of difference, and one that makes it ideal for breathable, lightweight, long-lasting bedding that looks super stylish and resists wrinkles.

Basically, jacquard is defined by colours and patterns that are an actual part of the weave of the fabric itself – that means they’re not dyed on or printed on the surface. The result is a textured finish (feel the dots on our Dottie duvet set – they’re subtly raised).


This texture starts with the warp yarns which are long threads that run up and down the cotton. A jacquard loom controls the vertical warp yarns, selecting and lifting certain ones then passing threads through them horizontally to form a pattern with raised textures and slight reliefs. It’s kind of fascinating.

We’re launching with our dotted jacquard, which has a fresh presence that’s also timeless. And that’s not surprising given the enduring appeal of this very storied fabric.