Our Sheets Cost & That’s a Good Thing!

Textile Machine

One of envello’s biggest points of difference is that it’s founded by an actual person, a third-generation linen maker to be exact. “I wanted to create premium quality bedding that was sustainable and affordable,” says envello founder Sheryn Saab. “The quality of our sources and our care for our workers means envello sheets aren’t cheap, but they are fair-priced and offer real value.”

It’s an interesting point and one that is resonating with today’s consumers who know that you can’t put a cheap price tag on thoughtful provenance.

Thread in Machine

If envello cut costs, like some companies do, we wouldn’t be able to offer sheets that combine cutting-edge innovations with old-world techniques and premium quality materials.

We wouldn’t be able to spin and weave all of our yarns.

We wouldn’t be able to hand-cut all of our patterns and manually inspect each finished item to ensure it is up to envello standards. 

We aren’t committed to cutting corners.

We are committed to creating bedding that’s crafted under ethical and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

We’re OEKO-Tex® certified to promote responsible sourcing, fair wages and safe working conditions.

Our fabrics are manufactured without the use of chemicals; our sheets are presented in reusable cotton bags and use 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

We think fair prices are better than cheap prices, and investing in bedding is just as important as investing in sleep.

“I am so proud of envello and our hands-on commitment to offering fair-priced goods,” says Sheryn. “We aren’t out to make a fast buck. We’re here for the long haul and our commitment to the environment, a fair workplace and quality craftsmanship says it all.”