Time for Fall Changes

coffee cup with books and flowers on a bathtub

January may officially mark a new year, yet it’s always been fall that inspires us to make a fresh start, not least because there’s way less pressure to commit to extreme resolutions.

And following a September like no other (traditional back-to-school and work plans being upended by the pandemic), it feels especially important to take stock and take charge right now.

Recognizing that so many of us are craving the certainty of routine, missing the joy of travelling and feeling apprehensive about the upcoming long, dark days of winter, we’ve devised some pretty easy, and fun, ways to stay positive, stay motivated and remember that we’re all in this together. Full disclosure: new towel upgrades are involved!

It’s OK to Have a Day

Even the act of planning a fresh start is fraught with pressure: what if I can’t do it? What if I stray from my plan? Get bogged down by daily pressures? Now is the time to remind ourselves that there will be bad days, they are part of the process and there’s no need to feel down about it.

fall leaves

It’s Good to Care for Yourself

Self-care comes in many forms – again, there’s no wrong or right – so think about what small wellness routines make you feel good and try to add at least one to your day. Simple ones we love: making your bed every morning; lighting an aromatherapy candle and taking a bath; preparing yourself a proper, sit-down breakfast.

It’s Therapeutic to Move

While we all want to work out six days a week – and bravo to those who do – sometimes life gets in the way. What helps us? The three-day rule (try not to let three days pass without exercise) and what we call “incidental” movement: a walk outside for 20 minutes, jumping jacks in the kitchen, shaking your hips while doing the dishes. Anything that gets us moving always makes us feel better.

It’s Fun to Decorate

We’re all spending so much time in our homes that little décor upgrades can go a long way in lifting spirits. Whether it’s something as ambitious as painting a room or something as small as adding a bunch of fresh flowers to your bedside table, happy home improvements are big mood enhancers.

It’s Empowering to Organize

Speaking of being at home a lot, now is the time to declutter the “mess drawer,” sort out the clothes closet and re-order the kitchen cupboards. Tackling one area at a time creates a sense of accomplishment, achievement and, dare we say, pride.

It’s Imperative to Treat Yourself

This is where the towels come in! Look around at all the things you use and actually touch every day and, wherever possible, treat yourself to an upgrade. Think new plush slippers instead of a ratty old pair, a proper tea cup and saucer instead of a chipped mug or, our favourite, a new bath towel or set… all of these enhance our daily experiences. We like to focus on towel colours: our warm bone shade to welcome fall, blue for serenity and white for uplifting freshness.

We hope these little resets will help you embrace the fall and establish a calm, content and measured frame of mind for the months ahead.